This Pittsburgh artist creates stunning art pieces for dogs

Have you ever wondered if your dog has the capacity to appreciate fine art? Maybe your furry friend hasn't been able to connect with this part of life simply because it hasn't been allowed into a museum. Or maybe it's because the art we tend appreciate isn't really made with dogs in mind.
Now that you're thinking about that, let's introduce a man who actually made fine art for dogs a reality. His name is Francis Cleetus, and he is an artist himself, creating paintings, graphic art and cartoons such as "It's Geek 2 Me." This Pittsburgh artist is also the mastermind behind Art for Arf, a project specifically for dogs.
Cleetus described his work this way: “It’s an unusual art collection, that appeals to your dog and also reflects your good taste. It’s fine art that hangs on a wall, but at your dog’s-eye level!” In addition, the art itself is created with dogs in mind, allowing them to ponder at images that show their own desires, interests and faces.
One of the common misunderstandings about dogs is that they are not able to see in color. But the truth is they have more of an ability to discern between colors and take in colorful images than previously thought. Although their color receptors may not be as sophisticated as that of humans, there's nothing stopping dogs from being able to enjoy a fine piece of art.
Fans of Art for Arf need not be confined to enjoying these images only if they are able to visit them in a gallery. Cleetus allows pet parents to buy prints of his work so they can turn their own homes into galleries for their beloved pooches.
The art itself is also extremely professional and always handled with attention to detail and precision. According to Creative Desi on BoredPanda, "Each artwork is ... printed on rich poly-cotton canvas with high quality inks and gallery wrapped by hand with care. After all, your discerning best friend deserves nothing less."
In fact, it's even possible to get a custom-made portrait of your dog done in Cleetus' unique style. Imagine how excited a pet would be to see itself captured on a canvas for generations to be able to view. Mowgli, who is pictured above, certainly was. ​
The video that follows shows Mowgli becoming ecstatic at the sight of his personal art gallery. And by visiting Art for Arf's website, you can learn more about Cleetus' vision, the art he offers for sale and the whimsical journey behind this incredible project.