Photographer has fun with pets in a pet-styled photo booth

Don't you love photo booths? You can get dressed up, using hilarious props, laughing with your friends and getting excited as the pictures develop? Who doesn't? Don't you think your dog would enjoy the experience too?
This is exactly why Michelle Russ created her photo booth series for part of her pet photography project, Hilarious Hounds. Using the conventions of photo booth images, Russ has excited pets and their owners alike, giving them one-of-a-kind images like those from the best possible photo booth.
Russ says she got the idea for this project after posing in the photo booth at a friend's wedding. "It was my turn to step in the booth, and I had to scurry and find the best prop — and what catches my eye — a cut out of a scruffy dog’s face. As a dog lover, it was the most logical choice."
Called Pups with Props, Russ' photo booth is a mobile affair that visits about eight spots and crops up around three to four times a year in the San Francisco Bay area. Russ also promises those who haven't gotten to visit the booth in their neighborhood the opportunity to host it at their own private party or training facility.
Purchase of a Pups with Props package starts at $99 and includes 20 minutes of photography time with Russ and your pet as well as editing, retouching and a keepsake photo strip magnet. The props themselves are all handmade and perfectly crafted for dogs to wear and play with. Prints of your dog in his or her photo booth finest are also available for purchase.
Russ started out in fashion photography after receiving her BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design. She soon decided to combine her love of dogs and her love of photography and created her brand, Hilarious Hound.
Russ herself is a lover of all animals, although she says she prefers dogs and pigs. Still, she might be interested in photographing your noncanine pet, especially because she's already allowed a bunny into her photo booth.
Russ herself has both a cat and a dog. She lives with them and her husband on the island of Alameda, California. According to her website, she is taking new bookings from proud pet parents eager to immortalize their dog's personality in a cute and funny picture.
Russ' images are sweet, pure, playful and so much fun. Whether your dog would rather let its own personality shine in a personalized photo shoot or you think a photo booth with adorable props would be the best way to immortalize your pooch, Russ is available to create a memorable photo.