Every night, dog secretly goes next door to neighbor's for a bath

Sometimes, pets can form a bond with other pets that goes beyond anything their owners could have imagined. For Aeida and Cashew, that bond translated into a two-dog team that migrates back and forth between Aeida's family and Cashew's.
Now, it goes so far as to make Aeida think she should be part of every family activity at her neighboring dog's home, including bath time for the neighbor children!
After adopting her Staffordshire bull terrier, Nicole Ackehurst of Australia was immediately surprised to see the bond that formed between her pup, Aeida, and the neighbor's dog, Cashew. The two were almost inseparable and wanted to be together day and night.
This delighted Aeida's mom and dad, who decided, along with their neighbors, to build a doggie door in-between their homes so Aeida and Cashew could see one another whenever they pleased.
Aeida and Cashew are nearly always together, and if they're not at one house, they're at the other. “Aeida is very friendly and loving. She really just loves everyone and anything — especially our neighbors' children,” Ackehurst told The Dodo.
One evening when Aeida disappeared, her owners weren't surprised. They just assumed she had gone to visit Cashew and his family, but it turned out the truth was a little bit wilder.
“Our neighbors sent us a Facebook message with Aeida sitting in their bathtub. We believe that was the first time she had done it,” said Aeida's owners.
Apparently, Aeida snuck over to the other family's home to get involved in the children's bath-time routine. Her owners were beside themselves when they found out because Aeida actually hates bath time at their house!
But when they saw how much Aeida was enjoying bath time in the other home, they assumed it was simply her choice to get involved. Now, it's even clearer that Aeida chose to join her neighbor family for the children's bath. She goes next door almost every night to participate!
For Aeida, it seems being involved in every aspect of both families' lives is important, even if it's one she doesn't usually enjoy at home. After all, she and Cashew have such a strong bond that at this point, the two families almost share the dogs.
“I'm pretty sure our neighbors love having her over, just as we love having Cashew come over too...They're both considered great parts of our families,” said Aeida's owners.
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