Cat can't help but smile at all her visitors

Some people still find a way to be sunny and positive, even after having been through a hard life. Animals can be like this too. This is especially true of a cat named Nala who lives in the Netherlands.
Thanks to a cleft lip, Nala always wears a little smile. But her personality is what truly shines and makes everyone she meets want to befriend her.
Nala was rescued by someone who found her when she was pregnant and having trouble delivering her kittens. She was brought to a veterinary hospital where she gave birth to two kittens with an emergency C-section. Though one of her kittens did not live, the other did, and both mother cat and kitten were taken in by the animal protection group Dierenbescherming.
Dierenbescherming was able to help the kitten grow up healthy and strong, and eventually, it was placed in a home. Nala also grew stronger at the shelter and began to appreciate the safety and love she felt from all around her. But the biggest surprise was her winning personality, which began to show once she became comfortable around the shelter volunteers.
Nala is a very affectionate cat who will purr and rub up against volunteers and visitors who come to see her. Whenever someone walks toward her cat condo, she gets very excited and starts meowing. She immediately wants to run over to the person for pets and love.
Though she wears a little smile because of a birth defect, she also is one of the sweetest, happiest cats many of the shelter volunteers have met. Still, her difficult life did have lasting effects.
"She gets hypo-allergenic food" because of a skin condition, said Ineke Kamps in an interview with Love Meow. "She might always need this special food."
Kamps even gave a list of the things the best possible home for Nala would need. They include a fenced-in garden and a person (or people) who can be home with her often.
The people who take care of Nala would also need to be comfortable with maintaining her diet. Although she is fine with other animals, she would need to eat separately.
Nala is not available for adoption on Dierenbescherming's website, so it seems likely that she has finally found her forever home. It must have been hard for someone to resist such as kind and happy disposition.