She was skeptical about getting another dog until she found her pup's twin

Dogs seem to have a sixth sense about certain things, such as when their owners are sad or happy or when it's time to leave a potentially dangerous situation. In the case of Rogue, a cairn tarrier mix who lives in Honolulu, HI, her sixth sense kicked in when she was out walking with her owner and noticed a dog who looked just like her!
“Rogue and I were out for a nice long walk to our local farmers market when we saw Beast," recalls Bethany Coleman, Rogue's mom. "He was there with Last Hope K9 Rescue and a bunch of other dogs that were all up for adoption." When Rogue saw Beast, she immediately started to play with him and to become excited — probably because the two dogs looked so much alike.
According to Coleman, the two dogs were both cairn terrier mixes. "Rogue’s mom was a lab/pit mix and her dad a cairn." Though they're not sure what Beast's entire history is, his paperwork stated he has a cairn mix in him. The couple believes there's probably a bit of Basset in there too.
"He looks like a pig and has even been mistaken for a pig a couple times.”​
Coleman and her boyfriend, Tyson, had been thinking about getting another dog. He had been in favor of the idea while Coleman herself was not. As they had two senior cats at home already and a new dog (Rogue), she was nervous that another dog might be too much. "Who in the right mind would ever let us rent an apartment from them?"
Still, as soon as she saw how quickly Rogue took to Beast and how much the two dogs looked alike, she knew she had to take Beast home.
It wasn't just Rogue's reaction that caught her attention. Beast seemed just as excited and eager to come home with her and to be able to play with Rogue forever. As such, she knew she couldn't leave him at the market and made an executive decision that changed her family forever.
"Right then and there, I started filling out the paperwork. I even have the first picture ever of him when he was at the market.”
Rogue and Beast have been inseparable buddies ever since! Although it took a bit for the cats to warm up to this new dog, eventually everyone became comfortable with Beast.
At first, Beast seemed like he was going to take charge of the household, being the biggest animal of the four, but Rogue wasn't about to let that happen. Now they are comfortable enough to share everything and will even switch when playing with toys or eating a snack in order to get a taste of what the other one has.
Beast, Rogue and their cat siblings absolutely love living in Hawaii. Beast is a natural when it comes to outdoor sports, and he thoroughly enjoys romping on the beach. However, both dogs also love a good night in, cuddling with one another and their owners on the couch.
Beast, Rogue and Coleman's other pets are featured on her Instagram. Sometimes, she posts memes using her own pets as well as videos, throw back Thursdays and more. The saga of excitement and fun, laughter and tears is enjoyable for anyone who considers themselves an animal lover at heart.
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