You can memorialize your pet by having ashes turned into a glass paw (5+ photos)

Losing a pet is a difficult process, as our animal friends become such an important part of our lives. Although the transition is hard, many people want to see a reminder of their dog, cat or other pet who has passed away, as it evokes in them memories of their joyful time with that loved one. Fortunately, there are many ways to find this kind of closure, solace and support when you choose to commemorate your pet through art.
Cameron Davenport of Davenport Memorial Glass is one such artist who brings this kind of clarity and comfort to pet owners who have lost their treasured friends. His work involves the delicate art of glass blowing to create memorial paws that represent pets who have passed away.
Davenport calls this art style the cremation paw, as it utilizes a small amount of ashes from the deceased pet to create the finalized look. For this particular design, Davenport offers many different colors and styles on his website.
Davenport has been a glass blower since 2003. He created many different pieces, but according to the Animal Rescue Site, he became bored of making the same old designs everyone else was doing. He was quoted in an interview with My Modern Met, saying he wanted to offer his customers something "more meaningful." It was in 2015 when he created his first memorial piece.
This first piece was actually not for an animal companion but a human one. Davenport's good friend Johnny had passed away, and he utilized some of his ashes to create a commemorative piece. According to Davenport, “It’s still one of my favorite pieces of glass I’ve ever made.”
This began Davenport's journey of creating beautiful, intricate and one-of-a-kind pieces through which one could memorialize a beloved individual. Davenport eventually set himself apart from others who do the same type of work, however, by creating pieces specifically for bereaved pet owners.
One wonderful aspect of these pieces is that each one is completely different. While some utilize the specific paw print design for which Davenport is known, others, like this round stone, offer a different look. Still more designs can be worn as a pendant while others are ornamental and shaped like the pet itself, as is the case with the cremation bunnies pictured here.
Davenport only requires a teaspoon of ashes to create these glass figures, pendants and paws, and he works them into the glass slowly, similarly to how flour is worked into dough. He feels it's important for people to be able to remember their pets in a timeless and loving way, and as such, these pieces can be extremely beneficial to the healing process.
“Our goal is to physically capture a moment," says Davenport, "to create a keepsake that brings back a memory... Nothing will compare to the time spent with your loved one, but we hope to aid in treasuring them and remembering the precious time you had together.”
Davenport has many different designs and options for glass blown memorial pieces available for sale on his website. He also does custom pieces. Though losing a pet is an extremely difficult experience, Davenport's art offers a kind of balm for these emotional times as well as a way to commemorate your affection for your beloved pet forever after.