In middle of night, dog gets up to help crying toddler get back to sleep

Sara Lebwohl and her husband live with their precious Labradoodle Prince in New York City. Around 2 years ago, their lives took a major change.
It wouldn't just be Prince anymore.
Sara and her husband became pregnant with their first child.
Somehow, it seemed like Prince already could sense the family was going to grow as he would always accompany Sara around.
Finally, the big day arrived. Newborn daughter Halle was born.
Of course, the couple had a little anxiety given everything going on. Would Prince and Halle get along? Luckily, they didn't have anything to worry about.
Sara told The Dodo, "When she first came home, he went right up to her and sniffed her."
"He knew she was little and fragile. But he always stayed close and kept a very close eye on her. He was truly a nanny dog from the first day."
Very quickly, Halle and Prince became best friends.
Prince knows he's Halle's caretaker and guardian. Below, Prince and Halle are getting ready for Passover.
Halle is now 2 years old and sleeps in her own room. Given her young age, it is often the case she wakes up in the middle of night. To no surprise, Prince is always there when Sara and her husband need to get up in the middle of night to soothe Halle.
One day, Sara came up with a clever idea. What if they left the bedroom door open at night? Would Prince go to comfort Halle?
A Nest camera captured what happened in the middle of night. This happened at around 5:30 am in the morning.
Sara commented, "Surprisingly it has worked out well."
"We crack the door open for him when she gets up, and he walks in to greet her. He has a little routine he does, including rolling around on the ground."
"Then he will look at her and lay down. The amazing thing is that this calms her, and she goes back to sleep."
Prince earned a special spot in the couple's heart that night. He gave them extra hours of precious shut eye. To new parents, this is the most valuable gift.
Sara added, "Prince has been an unexpected savior, allowing us a bit more precious minutes to hours of sleep. When he walks in the room, we know she is in good paws and we can all get some more rest."
The couple shared the video of Prince's nannying skills and it has since gone viral with well over 1.2 million views.
Each day, Prince takes his role as a protective big brother very seriously. The family is so grateful to have Prince in their lives. And Halle wouldn't have it any other way.

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