Mom films sleeping baby and dog, a nose pops through the covers

If there's one thing that truly unites the internet, it's cute stuff. Something about looking at babies or little animals just tugs on the heartstrings and makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But when a baby and an animal come together as one, that's when things get even more adorable.
Dogs and babies have been surprisingly close companions for many years. But when you think about it, they are somewhat similar - full of joy and enthusiasm for life. One recent Facebook video of some of the very cutest dogs and babies around has recently gone viral, and the internet is absolutely loving it.
A baby's laughter is probably one of the most beautiful sounds on earth and one surefire way to bring the giggles in by getting a dog involved. Something about a dog's goofy expression just elicits lighter from little ones and seeing the pair of them so thoroughly entertained by one another is just too cute.
But dogs have other uses too! They can be the perfect reading companion, and there's nothing quite so pleasant as curling up with a good book and your four legged friend. And, as this video proves, you can teach toddler's the joys of reading with their dogs nice and early!
Man's best friend can also be a perfect swinging companion for babies. Think about it - most mid-sized dogs are basically the same size as babies, so they can slot nicely into the accompanying swing and enjoy that same tantalizing back and forth motion!
Anyone who has a dog will tell you that one of the best activities to share with them is a good old-fashioned nap. And there's basically no human on earth who loves (and needs) naps more than babies. As this little one has discovered, the right dog can even double up as a comfy pillow.
When feeling a little more active, dogs also love to play! This fun-loving pair have gotten involved in the sprinkler system, and we can only imagine the laughs and gurgles of joy this game brought about.
But really, the ultimate way to express love between a baby and a dog has to be through physical touch. This cuddly twosome has captured everyone's heart, and honestly, we just want to get involved in this sweet hugathon!
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