Man stays by kitty's side until she recovers completely (5+ photos)

Cats and kittens are basically the stars of the internet, and it's not hard to see why. These little balls of fluff are pretty much always doing something adorable, so if it's captured on camera, it's basically a sure thing to go viral.
But there's one Instagram page that stands out among the rest when it comes to cat lovers. Foster Kitty Family, a foster cat service in San Jose, California, has managed to harness the power of social media to grab hold of the internet's attention. They share some of the sweetest kitty images and videos we've ever seen, and with just one scroll through their Instagram, you'll be falling in love.
The service is run by Laura Malone and her partner, Foster Dad. While Laura tends to take charge of the admin, it's clear the love of FD is absolutely essential in taking care of these tiny little felines. "He loves nothing more than to comfort people and animals when they feel lousy," Laura told Love Meow.
Many of the kittens who come to Foster Kitty Family are in a pretty bad way, with health issues and behavioural problems due to their early neglect. But the love and care they get with the family can absolutely turn their lives around.
The kittens also clearly enjoy the company of one another. The Foster Kitty Family Instagram page is jam-packed with pictures and videos of these siblings playing together and snuggling up after a long, hard day. "These sisters are goofballs, purr monsters, and they would love to live in a new home with lots and lots of pillows to play in!" Laura jokes.
What's even more special, though, is the bond the kittens clearly share with Foster Dad. In fact, some of the eventual owners of the cats have commented that they clearly share an affection for male owners - undoubtedly due to the love they felt from FD from birth!
The internet has been going wild for the heartwarming stories and adorable images captured on the Foster Kitty Family Instagram page. "No words. God bless this little kitty," one commenter writes.
"Someone scoop this sweetie up asap!! As someone who adopted 2 kittens who were fostered by this lovely crew, I can assure you they raise the BEST, most well-behaved/socialized kittens I’ve ever had. Would take Finnick home in a second if we didn’t have a full house!" another testimonial reads.
If you don't believe us, check out the page yourself. We guarantee you'll be following before you know it. After all, who doesn't need a healthy dose of cute kittens injected into their Instagram feed every day?
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