Camera catches pup up to no good behind nanny's back in kitchen

This mischievous pup is just too cute. He smells food, and he wants it! Nevermind that it was the nanny's's his now!
Beagles are great dogs, if a little bit of a handful - they're extremely friendly and peaceful with people, and just look at those eyes! But of course, because they were bred as hunting dogs, they can have some unusual traits. For instance, Your Pure Bred Puppy says that beagles are climbers and diggers - so while they love to explore and need a lot of exercise, they have to be fenced in. They just want to see the world!
Hilariously (except when you're dealing with it), they also have what Your Pure Bred Puppy refers to as "selective deafness." That means that when you call them, they may or may not come straight back.
Of course, they also have a trait that you can see in this great video! According to Dog Time, their noses are their best asset, and they use their noses to guide them around their life. No wonder he could smell that delicious lunch! They were originally bred to smell small game, but I bet that turkey sandwich smells just as good.
Do you have a beagle pup at home that's a bit of a handful? Tell us your best story! And don't forget to pass along this hilarious video to your friends so they can laugh along with you.
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